Carlos Coelho was born in December 30, 1995 and raised in Ribeirão, a small town, in the district of Braga, Portugal.
He had a very happy childhood, despite being a single son, which also allowed him to develop greater creativity, because he often played alone, when he could not go outside and play with the other kids.
He has always had a great curiosity and attraction for the arts in general.
When he was younger he liked to draw, paint and do some sculpture.
But none of the three made him want to pursue studies and do it professionally.
He studied to work in hotels and bars, having worked for 2 years in a restaurant, and also about 8 months in a frozen factory.
And it was at this point that he met the photography and fell in love.

Not satisfied with the life he had, and with a childhood dream constantly coming to mind, he decided to drop everything for love and leave with a backpack and a camera in his hands to traveling through Europe.

And so far so good.